Monday, April 30, 2007

Festival of Stocks - 34th Edition

Welcome to the 34th edition of the Festival of Stocks. I want to thank George from Fat Pitch Financials for letting me host this weeks edition. It has been interesting to read all the entries I received.

1) Our first post comes from Tracy Coenen who authors a blog called The Fraud Files, where she seeks out those nefarious market particpants who deserve to be outed. Her post is regarding the latest earnings conference call by, a controversial company if there ever was one.

Read Todays' Earnings call for

Tracy does not fear the litigious nature of the management of this company.

2) Asif from brings us a review of the Indian IT industry with an emphasis on Tata Consultancy Services which he predicts may seek a listing on the NYSE at some point.

He reviews the four major Indian IT stocks, compares them on a fundamental basis, and gives advice on how to invest in that sector.

Read Tata Consultancy Services listing on the NYSE

3) I never knew there were so many Uranium stocks, and Babak of the Trader's Narrative gives a review of the fundamentals of this bull market, and a list of stocks with exposure to this sector.

The Stealth Uranium Bull Market is our third post in the festival of stocks.

4) Trent at The Simple Dollar describes his strategy in building his fortune step by step using the low cost, or in this case, no cost funds at Vanguard. The blog has many posts on using our limited dollars wisely.

Read A New Rebalancing Strategy: A Change in Vanguard and a Clear Definition of the Goal

5) Tyler at Dividend Money explains the virtues of buying high quality dividend paying stocks. He refutes the conventional wisdom that the baby boomer retirement wave will play havoc with the Stock Market and makes a compelling argument that the opposite will occur.

Check out Start Buying Dividend Stocks Now!

5) Steve Faber presents - Stock Investing – 4 Factors Precipitating Strong Growth in Stock Prices posted at Debt Free.

6) Jonathan presents Zecco Free Trades Broker Review, Part 1: Introduction and Opening Process Overview posted at My Money Blog.

Who knew there was a place where you could trade Stock for free?

7) Wolf Stone writes about Strathmore Minerals (STM: TSXV) (STHJF: Pink Sheets)

Posted at Canadian Economy, Commodities And Mining Stocks Through a Fundamental Lens - Wolf Stone.

8) Dr. Barry Burns presents "ME" posted at Top Dog Trading.

It is a blow by blow post of his recent visit to the floor of the Chicago Merc.

9) Thomas Ott presents Predict the S&P500, Win $100! posted at Neural Market Trends.

10) Silicon Valley Blogger presents 20 Typical Reasons To Sell Your Stock Or Mutual Fund posted at The Digerati Life.

She gives sound advice on how an investor can keep his emotions in check, and when to buy or sell Stocks and Mutual Funds.

11) Rick Konrad of Value Discipline gives us the lowdown on those so called "great" returns that Private Equity funds generate.

Go to Private Equity Envy?? to learn more about it. His post is based on the latest academic research by the Research Foundation of the CFA Institute,

12) Leon Gettler of Sox First discusses the recent changes at Hewlett Packard after the ethical scandal that engulfed the comapny last year.

Read about it at Fixing the leaks at HP.

13) Bill at Ask Uncle Bill presents the Bear Case for the Stock Market, including the dark side of the Private Equity Boom.

The post is at Taking Away The PunchBowl--Why The Stock Market Could Go Down "Big Time"

14) Last but certainly not least, George at Fat Pitch Financials provides investors with a tool called the Enhanced Annual Reports Feed, where one can get a feed of all 10-K's filed at the SEC.

Read how to sign up by clicking Enhanced Annual Reports Feed


Rick said...

Nice work Eric. I have mentioned your rendition of the Festival of Stocks in my blog.


Jonathan said...

Thanks for hosting! Lots of stuff to catch up on. Will be mentioning the Festival later this week.

Eric J. Fox said...

Thanks guys, it was my first time and I tried to personalize as many of the entries as I could.