Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hedgehog Part Two?

There is a hedge fund manager named Timothy Sykes. He is the subject of a television show called Wall Street Warriors, which details the travails of several emerging figures in the financial markets.

Wall Street Warriors

He and I couldn't be more different in our investment philosophy. He is a short-term trader with an investment horizon of, at most, less than a day. I sometimes watch a stock for a year before I buy it. I read 10-K's carefully, almost obsessively, while I doubt that Timothy even knows what EDGAR is, much less where to find the web site. The one thing we have in common is that we both started up a Hedge Fund from scratch, using mostly our own funds.

Tim has written a very readable book outlining his start in the market, and how he got to where he is today. Starting with only $12,000, he tells of his beginning in High School and College, trading in his dorm room, through his current job at Cilantro Capital LLC, his own shop.

Tim sent me an advance copy and I would recommend getting it. Tim tells it like it is. He is direct and to the point. If the girls at Tufts University are ugly, then he's going to tell us.

He has a very adaptive evolutionary style of trading. He started with Penny Stocks, and when that stopped working, he moved on to the OTC Bulletin Board, and then to NASDAQ. When the bubble burst in 2000, he moved on to short selling.

I learned a lot from his tales of marketing his hedge fund to investors. I am about to go through a similar grind, and it is not something I am looking forward to, as I would rather be researching stocks, but it is part of what I have to do.

The book is self-published and I would imagine that it will be available on his web site here:

Timothy Sykes


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Adventures In Money Making said...

I read it too.

strongly recommend it. Its very interesting.