Friday, December 7, 2007

Toll Brothers Conference Call

A few excerpts from the Toll Brothers fourth quarter conference call held yesterday courtesy of Seeking Alpha

Interesting that he said that 1974 was a rougher downturn than the current one.

Comments on Current Conditions

"By many measures, fiscal 2007 was the most challenging of the 40 years that Toll Brothers has been in business. 1974 was perhaps rougher, but the difficult times only lasted one year."

"Since going public in 1986, we’ve just reported our first quarterly loss this fourth quarter after 85 consecutive profitable quarters. The loss was driven by $315 million of non-cash pretax inventory related impairments and related write-downs."

"The creation of projections is difficult at any time. In the current climate, it’s particularly difficult to provide guidance for fiscal 2008, given the numerous uncertainties related to items such as sales paces, sales prices, mortgage markets, cancellations, market direction, and the potential for and size of future impairments. As a result, we will not provide earning guidance at this time."

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