Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Poll on Bear Stearns

I just added a poll to the blog just to the right of this post. There have been many reasons offered to explain why Bear Stearns stock is trading way above the $2.00 per share offer (or $2.34 offer based on the closing price of JP Morgan on 3/18/08). Please vote, and if you have any other theories make a comment.


Anonymous said...

I think people are furious, and are hoping to pick up enough stock to vote down this $2 deal.

The trouble is, JPMorgan was really well prepared... wasn't it?

I'd also like to see a list of the major investors who suddenly all withdrew their money at the same time, causing this liquidity crisis.

Events remind me of a James Garner movie. It could be that the final crash was not Bear's fault.

Anonymous said...

Fifth option: People want more stock than JPM has, so this wretched deal can be voted down.

The trouble is, JPM wants the Bear building, and will get it, whether the deal goes through or not.

I'd like to see a forensic accounting of who withdrew money from Bear and caused this crisis.

It reminds me of a James Garner movie!

Mark Perkins said...

Eric, wondering if you have an opinion on FINL Finish Line and Heely's HLYS. both are subnav. Finish Line looks like it is still climbing.

Eric J. Fox said...

I am not that current on those two names, but if we are sliding into a recession, I would think that they will get cheaper.