Thursday, June 11, 2009

When General Motors Ruled The World - Part II

General Motors was formed in 1908 by William Durant, when he incorporated the Buick Motor Company. Later that year, Oldsmobile becomes the second company to join General Motors. In 1909, General Motors purchased a 50% interest in the Oakland Motor Car Company, which later became known as Pontiac. In 1909, General Motors bought Cadillac for $5.5 million. This is a photographic tribute to this iconic American institution.

This is the one millionth car built by General Motors. It was a 1919 Oldsmobile 37-B model.

This is car number ten million for General Motors, a 1929 Buick sedan.

This is car number twenty five million built by General Motors


Steve said...

It's very sad to look into an 'admired' company falling! Photos remind us the growth of a great company! Good post! said...

You are right! Nice article...