Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bexil (BXL) Update

Bexil, one of the stocks selling for less than net current asset value, held a call last month at which it was "to discuss the recent results of the Company and other matters." I had to miss the call as I was out of the office that day, but was expecting the replay to be posted to the Bexil website since they have a conference call archive page on the web site. So I waited and nothing was put up there. I sent an e-mail to John Ramirez who is listed as the contact and received no reply as to the status of the replay. Then a few weeks ago this cryptic message appeared on the site:

"Investment Conference calls May 11, 2007 and November 8, 2006 will not be available due to technical issues."

I am still wary on investing in this stock despite the intuitive appeal of a net-net stock.


WRG said...

Here is the CEO's email address. He is very responsive. Thomas B. Winmill [] but very tight lipped. he should be able ot help you out.

Eric J. Fox said...

Thanks for the comment Wes, but I am curious how you know that he is so responsive?

WRG said...

I know because everytime i send him a question or ask him something he gives me an answer withing 1-2 business working days...
compared to most people i deal with that is amazing response time!

that said, it doesnt mean i am enamored with the companies prospects despite extremely low valuation

Eric J. Fox said...

I sent him an e-mail asking a couple of questions also and he responded with this: "look at our most recent 10-Q." I'll admit that the response was speedy at less than 2 hours. I sent him a follow up and got nothing.