Monday, July 30, 2007

Festival of Stocks # 47

Our first entry come from Average Joe Investor, someone who needs no introduction given his prominence in the investment blog community. Average Joe comes in with two posts this week.

The first is at his Investment Jungle Blog and is called Stock Analysis - Landstar System Inc (NASDAQ:LSTR)

Joe loves the high ROIC and ROE of the stock but the volatility of the earnings is a little too much for him and the market seems to be paying too much for it.

The second post is at Dividends Matter and is called Dividend Analysis - Fifth Third Bancorp (NASDAQ:FITB)

His conclusion is that although FITB has a healthy dividend he has some other concerns about the company that prevents him from adding it to his dividend portfolio.

Our second entry comes from an unusual source - a bartender. George gives general advice on wealth and how to build it. The blog is called The Authentic Bartender Blog and his post is here

Millionaire Making Assets

The third entry comes from a blog I have never come across before. It is called Highest Conviction and I love the design and layout of the blog. It reminds me that I need to work on the graphics of my own site. Michael writes about Heely's where his emphasis is on when to get into the stock on a technical basis.

Read more at Heelys - Initiation

Next up is Wealth Building Lessons who gives his take on the attractiveness of Canadian Royalty Trusts. Read his post here

Buying Opportunity For Canroys

Dr. Barry Burns presents New York, New York posted at Top Dog Trading

Dr. Burns describes his recent trip to NYC and ties it all into trading by the end of the post.

The Mad Money Analyst has two for us this week. First off is When is The Right Time to Sell an Investment? posted at The Mad Money Analyst

Mad Money makes a good point - a sell discipline is one of the most important things to have in any active management process. I've worked in professional money management for 10 years and found a problem with this in every place I've worked.

The second post from Mad Money Analyst is Choosing a Stock That Beats the Street

Here he talks about the successful characteristics of a winning investment.

Jason Elder presents Offshore Options For Bankrupts And Those With Poor Credit posted at A Bankruptcy Lawyer's Blog

Jason discusses an interesting strategy to sidestep some of the problems with filing for bankruptcies in the United States.

Trent presents ASD: American Standard Riding the Trane posted at Stock Market Beat

Trent talks about American Standard and why he believes that the sale of one of its divisions may be a catalyst for the stock.

Another fan of dividend paying stocks is Tyler who wrote Dividends You Can Bank On! posted at Dividend Money

Tyler describes the advantages of some high yielding Canadian bank stocks.

Steve Faber presents More Alternative Energy Investing News posted at Debt Free

Steve discusses the latest developments in the Ethanol Industry and other news in the Alternative Energy space.

Cade Krueger presents Trading In The Zone: How To Mentally Approach Your Home Based Business posted at Small Business Opportunity

Cade explains the psychological angle of trading. This is an important area and is critical to being a successful trader.

TradeRadarOperator presents Unlock Stock Market Profits - Key #1 posted at Trade Radar

The TraderRadarOperator gives us a detailed look at the first of the ten keys to finding profitable stock trades. Stay tuned for the other nine keys.

KCLau presents When is the Perfect Time to Rebalance our Investment Portfolio? posted at KCLau's Money Tips

KCLau discusses the different methods of rebalancing a portfolio. I remember when I studied for the CFA exam, there were entire readings on this subject. His post was a good refresher for me.

Larry Russell's entry this week is called Summary Table of Traditional IRA and Roth IRA Tax Rules posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog

Although it may seem a long way off for most of us, you'll be 59 1/2 years old quicker than you think, so take a look.

Super Saver presents Stock Purchase Update - 7/23/07 posted at My Wealth Builder

Super Saver reviews his portfolio performance through last Monday. It will be interesting to see his performance at the next weekly update after the carnage of this past week.

George presents Biggest Losers of Today’s Stock Market Panic posted at Fat Pitch Financials

George has posted a list of the biggest losing stocks in the S & P 500 after the sell off last Thursday. This is a good place to start to look for bargains to take advantage of the fear of the crowd. Beware though, some of them probably deserve to be down now that the private equity takeover premium has oozed out of them.

Leon Gettler presents Gen Y and the looming funds management crisis posted at Sox First

Leon is another blogger with an excellent design, and he reviews a report from KPMG detailing the demographic wave that some predict will hit the funds management area one day. We also have a new acronym - KIPPERS - kids in parents' pockets eroding retirement savings. And I have four kids that will be eroding mine.

John presents Foot Locker posted at CONTROLLED

John likes Foot Locker and is not afraid to put his money where his mouth is and took some down despite the volatility last week.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Historical Financial Charts: Are You Invested In These Markets? » Money and Personal Finance Blog In Silicon Valley posted at The Digerati Life

He is an engineer who has done an excellent post with long-term charts going back in some cases more than 100 years. I have a book from Ned Davis with charts like these but it's much easier seeing these on line. The second chart is the scariest one showing three times in the last 100 years where the market was flat for a generation. Look out indexers, you may be in for a big shocker.

Ispf presents Campaign Against Financial Myths: Part 6 - Stock Market Investing posted at Grad Money Matters

Ispf tackles some of the myths out there in the financial world, and does it quite convincingly.

The last entry in the Festival of Stocks this week comes from Mark. He is the first blogger that I ever communicated with when I started blogging back in February and I would urge you to check out his blog at

Investment Quest

Mark presents Is LJ International (JADE) a Bust?

He urges caution on this name despite the recent sell off.

That's it for this week. It was definitely a full week with lots of interesting posts out there.


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George said...

Thanks for hosting. Great job of the Festival of Stocks!

Raptor235 said...

That's a great list, and the good thing is it keeps growing... I just came across this list of stocks/funds yesterday Alternative Energy Mutual Funds