Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Focus Investing

I recently came across a website called Focus Investor run by Richard M. Rockwood. It has many good articles on Value Investing and a section where investors can download spreadsheets to calculate intrinsic value for stocks.

I want to bring attention to his article that he wrote on Pico Holdings (PICO) back in March 2000. It was selling around $12 a share back then and is now at $44. This is a fairly well known stock now but he was certainly ahead of the curve 7 years ago.

Pico Holdings

There are also solid reports on White Mountains Insurance (WTM) and Markel Insurance (MKL) in the articles section. These are a little outdated but provide good background on the stocks.


Roger said...

A very good blog some really helpful posts.

Stock Investing for Beginner Site.

Roger Overanout

Eric J. Fox said...

Thanks Roger...I like your Google ad placement on your web site - it really blends in well.