Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lennar Earnings Call - No Bottom Yet

I just got off the Lennar call and wanted to share these highlights regarding the housing markets. Management has not yet seen the bottom in the markets they build in.

During the call, Lennar said that they would need to see three things before there is a recovery or stabilization in the market:

1) Inventories of both new and existing homes will have to stabilize first and be absorbed.

2) Mortgage markets will need to settle.

3) Consumer confidence is going to have to be restored.

Lennar said that there was no sign during the quarter that any of these occurred, and that in fact they had deteriorated further during the quarter.

General Market Conditions

“These continue to be very difficult times for the homebuilding industry”

“Current market conditions are primarily defined by the overhang of inventory in those markets which is comprised of completed homes on the ground, spec homes that are back on the market and owned homes that are up for sale. The overriding sentiment in our reviews is that the market has continued to become more and more competitive as inventories are managed and there continues to be a great deal of downward pricing pressure through the use of incentives, price reductions and incentivized brokerage fees."

On Signs of the Bottom

“Overall the supply of homes to sell continues to climb in many of our markets and we are not able to get a good reading how quickly this inventory will be absorbed or whether it will continue to increase as foreclosures increase and add to inventory.”

Mortgage Markets

“Adding to the sluggishness on the demand side is the continuing deterioration of the mortgage market as an additional component of demand has been sidelined.”

“We have not yet seen stability in the mortgage market either.”

On the Arrival of Helicopter Ben

“While the recent cut in interest rates by the federal reserve will began a process of rebuilding confidence it will most certainly not be a panacea for conditions as they exist.”

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