Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pink Sheets - Part IV

Once again I have been scratching around the OTC bulletin board and Pink Sheet markets and found some outstanding and financially transparent stocks that deserve a deeper look.

The Burke-Parsons-Bowlby Corporation is a producer of wood products for various industries, including railroads and other industrial segments. It is headquartered in West Virginia and trades under the symbol BPAB in the pink sheets. The Yahoo page is here:

Yahoo Finance

but don’t expect much info there, go to the company web site at:


I contacted the company by e-mail and they never responded so I assumed that another non-reporting pink sheet company was blowing me off, but two weeks later, to my surprise, the latest annual report showed up in my mailbox.

BPAB earned $2.93 in the year ending 3/31/06, and $3.34 in the nine months ending 12/31/2006. It looks like it has grown revenues for five straight years. One third of its sales are to four customers in the Railroad business. The chart below shows what a great investment it has been the last 5 years.

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