Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Blog

Some of you may have noticed that on the right hand side of Stock Market Prognosticator, I have a link to a blog called Under the Buttonwood Tree.

This is another blog that I started up in December. It will be a little different than Stock Market Prognosticator in that it will be a blog with a reporting focus rather than an analysis focus. There will be many more shorter posts that will simply summarize the results of company earning reports or conference calls with little original content.

I know the name is corny, but it was hard to come up with something totally original. Just for those who don't know, legend has it that the agreement to create the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) was signed in the late 1700's under a buttonwood tree in Lower Manhattan.

So why am I doing another blog? Many reasons - It will help me keep track of company reports and news - kind of a public notebook on earnings and other news. It will hopefully drive more traffic to my other blog as the higher number of posts get indexed into the search engines. Last, my background was originally in Journalism, and this blog brings me full circle to a place that I almost went into as a career.


Jeff said...

Best of luck with this approach. Moving into the space of "gatekeepers" brings some special challenges, but there is room.

One idea would be to do something quite different from those already citing news and blogs. What do they do? What can you do that is different?

I have written some half-baked ideas about this -- mostly on the lines that we need people who can move beyond citing the standard stuff and getting into information that is more analytical.

I look forward to reading the new material.


Eric J. Fox said...

I hope to put a little bit of a spin on things.