Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I was on vacation in Florida last week and saw the following sign in front of a half finished development.

I almost pulled off the road causing an accident when I saw the 2 for 1 special sign. It's hard to believe that new houses are being discounted 50% off list from a year ago.


living off dividends said...

I amazed at the bold advertising but i'm not surprized at all.

in my post from 6 months back, I said FL prices had to drop another 40%.

fubarrio said...

wow...thanks for the pic.

i've been calling for 50% off for a couple of years.

when my friends "pushed back" i couched it by saying in "real terms" unfortunately.

this is obviously from an absurdly overpriced base in a bubblicious zone. but, at this point, i'm not so sure we'll need to couch it in a couple of years' time.