Monday, February 11, 2008

Festival of Stocks # 75 - February 11, 2008

I am happy to present the Festival of Stocks for this week. This is the third time I hosted it, and I hope to do it again some day.

Super Saver pans the MSFT-YHOO merger in his post at Microsoft and Yahoo! Merger - The Beginning Of The End on his blog My Wealth Builder.

Ryan talks about various leverage strategies at What Loans Can I Get to Invest? posted at Millionaire Money Habits.

FIRE Finance makes a convincing case for a buy and hold strategy posted here Investing - The Mistake Of Timing The Market The blog is FIRE Finance.

Silicon Valley Blogger looks at all the evidence and decides that an indexing strategy is the best one to use. His post is here at Why Most Investors Don't Make Money In The Stock Market. Take a look at his other posts at The Digerati Life.

George, the glorious leader of the Festival, loves free cash flow and presents Consistent Cash Creators posted at Fat Pitch Financials .

American Dividend Investor is a new blogger on the scene and in his second post presents 3M - MMM. His goal is to inform individual investors about both the benefits of a dividend growth investment strategy as well as provide them with a thorough analysis of individual dividend paying American securities.

Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. tells it like it is with his post called COLD STEEL RAW BUCK NAKED ECONOMICS 101 in his blog entitled CAN US ECONOMY SURVIVE DOOMSDAY?. Although the post was a little dated, it is noteworthy for it prescient take on the dollar and other problems the United States is facing.

KCLau presents our first international post of the Festival called Withdraw EPF Money for Home Loan Installment: How it affects your Retirement Fund posted on his familiar blog here at KCLau's Money Tips.

Alex Garcia presents Where to find value investing ideas? posted at Contrarian Value Investing. Alex gives an excellent list of resources that he uses to pursue his passion of Value Investing.

Our second post dedicated to finding superior dividend stocks is posted at Dividends4Life: The Winning Score - Part 1 of 2 . Look for Part II when it is posted.

Deb discusses the implications of the MSFT-YHOO deal in his post entitled What Does The Yahoo/Microsoft Debate Mean For The Rest Of Us? on her blog at Marketvise. He gives a good run down of both sides of the issue. Marketwise is dedicated to helping the small investor level the playing field

Dorian Wales puts in a plug for buy and hold investing at The Personal Financier: Be the Turtle - Why Timing the Market is Impossible on his blog Personal Financier.

Jed Norwood discusses Foreign Currency Trading at Forex Trading Secrets Building a Profitable Trading Account posted at Jed Norwood. The trend is your friend in just about any market it seems.

Rob Moshe's post is not related to Stocks, but I admire his willingness to serve humanity rather than wallow in the pool of greed that infests Wall Street. His post is at Live Your Best Life By Serving Others on his blog at Rob Moshe.

When I first saw the headline of Ford, GM to Acquire Each Other posted at Avant News, the first thought that went through my head was "Hey, not a bad idea." It took me a minute to realize that it was a joke. I urge you to bookmark the site and peruse it when the market is having one of those 300 point down days, and you can do nothing but watch.

Debbie writes about Free College Money Part 2: Tax Programs posted at American Consumer News. This was a timely article for me since I have a child entering college in the fall.

Jorge H. talks about Fed Fund Futures at How to Read Fed Funds 30 Day Futures posted at My Adventures into The Street.

Rob Hanna gives his opinion on technical aspects of the market in his post Is Leadership Breadth Important For A Successful Bottom? posted at Quantifiable Edges.

Monevator makes the case for exposure to commodities despite the economic slowdown that we are struggling through in his post entitled How to harvest wheat and mine gold using ETCs. His blog is

Dobromir presents our third article on dividend stocks: Is Realty Income (O) a good stock to own? posted at Create Increasing Passive Income from stocks with above average dividend growth.

Leon Gettler discusses the connection between trading and drug addiction in his post The brain: hard-wired for risky trades posted at Sox First.

Babak gives us a review of the market for January, a tumultuous month posted here at What Caused The January Waterfall Decline? His full blog is Trader's Narrative.

James Cullen talks about why he thinks it is too early to buy Sherwin- Williams posted at Brush Up on Sherwin-Williams (SHW): But Still Too Soon to Buy . Read about more stocks that he and his colleagues like at College Analysts .

Investing Angel gives some tips on avoiding con artists. Read the post here at How To Avoid A Stock Scam posted at Stock Tips.

Mike presents The Bottoming Process 020708 posted at Stock Market Trading.

Davy Bui presents our second international entry and discusses SK Telecom posted at Enlightened American.


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Great job with the Festiva! Thanks for including my article "The Winning Score - Part 1 of 2".

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dividend growth said...

Great job on hosting the carnival. Thanks for including my article "Is Realty Income (O) a good stock to own? "

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Great site! and thanks for highlighting my post. I've gone through many of your past post and I'll be adding you to my "Blogs I Read" section.

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Thanks...I added you as well.