Sunday, February 10, 2008

Once Again - What Credit Crunch?

A poll conducted by the the National Federation of Independent Business in December 2007, came out with some surprising results:

"The net percent of owners reporting loans harder to get in recent months was unchanged at a net seven percent (eight percent said “harder,” one percent said “easier”, the average this year is six percent), typical of readings for the past several years. Only four percent of the owners cited the cost and availability of credit as their number one business problem."

"The net percent of owners expecting credit conditions to ease in the coming months was a seasonally adjusted net negative 10 percent (more owners expect that it will be “harder” to arrange financing), two points lower than November and below the average reading for the year. This indicates that some owners now see credit tightening on Main Street in spite of the Federal Reserve’s expansionary policies. But rates are falling and there was no change in the net percent of owners reporting credit harder to get."

The full report is here.

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