Monday, April 28, 2008

Sex and Financial Blogging

In late February, I posted on a short clip that I saw on CNBC that showed a few of the CNBC anchors discussing the Bond Insurers. The clip had Becky Quick and Charlie Gasparino talking and clearly there is some tension between these two. There was nothing extraordinary about the blog post, it is only maybe 30 words long and I couldn't even figure out how to embed the clip in my blog so I had to post a link to the CNBC page. The link to the original post is below.

Becky Quick vs. Charlie Gasparino

What is extraordinary is the amount of traffic that this one post has generated in two months. It was posted on February 26, and has since generated 907 page views, including 105 yesterday. All of this traffic is organic as well and is from keyword searches on Google.

While this is probably not a lot of traffic for some bloggers, it is a lot for me. In fact, it is my second most visited page in the last two months, and represents about 8% of my traffic. So what is the purpose of this rant? I have decided to gratuitously include the names of attractive anchorwomen into my posts, including Becky Quick and Erin Burnett of CNBC, Julie Hyman at Bloomberg, and Jenna Lee at Fox News.

See I even managed to spike this post with six names. I wonder how much traffic this post will generate?


Mark Perkins said...

I wonder how much traffic gets. I'd guess a lot of top search queries

Eric J. Fox said...

A lot of traffic perhaps, but he has no google ads up to make any money.

john said...

as long as you do the gratuitous mention, be sure to hyperlink their names to some website of authority.

However, sexy financial blogging can get folks like you and I in trouble, cuz we are supposed to be the "serious" bloggers and it offends readers who can't handle the visual content.

That said, visual images that fit the content makes a blog more engaging and entertaining to the reader.

those are my two my successful blogging tips for the day

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