Thursday, April 3, 2008

What is your Blog Worth?

A new Widget that I saw on Adventures in Moneymaking uses some formula based on traffic, backlinks, etc. to come up with a value for your blog. Mine is worth $22,017.06 as you can see to the right.

Click on it and then put your URL in to see how much your blog is worth.

I put in some well known blogs/ web sites to see what they are worth:

Seeking Alpha - $1.6 million

Blogging Stocks - $1.5 million

The Big Picture - $ 640,000

Calculated Risk - $540,000

Infectious Greed - $190,000

Interesting results. I will look into the methodology some other time.


TheCuriousInvestor said...

Yea, this thing is based on the 2005 buyout of Weblogs Inc. I can't help but wonder whether or not valuing a business based on the number of link backs is an appropriate way to value. But, hey, it's the internet. It's an investing "paradigm shift," right? Haha. Maybe it's also why AOL hasn't fared so well even after its purchase of Weblogs Inc.

Eric J. Fox said...

I just thought it would be fun to see what it came up with. I'm pretty sure that the numbers are way off. On the other hand, my blog makes about $100 a month which with a $22,000 valuation puts it at 20 times sales, pretty reasonable for an Internet property.

living off dividends & passive income said...

I wonder if I could get $400,080 from my websites based on last month's income of $1667?

maybe its time to contact Roxy media.